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Why should I consider a Membership?

Simple and Affordable Membership packages start at:

Annual payments of $2100 — Monthly payments- $175

What the Membership Includes:

  1. You get to Know your Nurse practitioner, Your friend, and your Advocate!!

  2. Personalized care and lifestyle plan (conventional or functional)

    • Labs, cancer screenings, Imaging (CXR, mammogram, EKG, etc.)

    • Review medical history to prevent future problems

  3. Discuss any health concerns and goals

  4. 5 Visits plus 3 telemedicine visits (including 1 in-home concierge visit per year)

  5. Prescriptions refills

  6. Direct contact with your Nurse Practitioner with Unlimited messaging

  7. Add on an additional one-time concierge service for $50.00 at anytime

  8. 10% discount on other services and products 

                               ~ Weightloss program

                               ~ IV Vitamin Hydration

                               ~  Hormone Replacement Therapy


Book today for the discount  —  Message for questions!


Insurance can be used for most labs, Imaging, and most prescriptions.

Cash patients will receive the best affordable price.

Simple and Affordable!

What membership do you have available for IV vitamin infusion?

Need to Boost your Energy, Metabolism, or Strengthen Your immune system?

Monthly Wellness plans

Lux Silver


1 Vitamin Infusion

1 free Vitamin IM shot

10% off additional services

and products


Lux Gold


2 Vitamin Infusion

1 free Vitamin IM shot

15% off additional services

and products


Lux Platinum


3 Vitamin Infusion

1 free Vitamin IM shot

20% off additional services

and products

(Hangover, Hydration, Immunity, Myers Cocktail)

Concierge - additional fee applies

Membership is billed monthly

Unused services will be forfeited

IV Monthly Membership
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