Holding Hands

About Us

Lux Health Optimization and Beauty, based in San Diego, California, provides personalized telehealth and concierge services to patients in a quick, efficient manner. Telehealth is available to anyone throughout California. Led by Monea Williams, FNP-C, the team makes it possible to receive reliable health care without making a trip to a clinic or urgent care. Patients can make an appointment and be connected to a provider immediately without commuting, checking in, or sitting in a waiting room. 

The team at Lux Health Optimization and Beauty offers a variety of services through telehealth, including prescription refills, IV vitamin therapy, vitamin injections, concierge nursing, weight loss, COVID-19 testing/management, cold and flu testing, and flu shots, and preventive medicine services. In addition, we hold certification in BioTe Hormone replacement. To give patients individualized care, they offer concierge medicine and can visit patients to diagnose and treat their conditions. The team can also coordinate care with other physicians and specialists as needed.

The experienced medical professional's Lux Health Optimization and Beauty put health first. They are proud to provide high-quality medical services, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to your health and wellness. Their goal is to make patients feel better as quickly as possible. 

To schedule an appointment with Lux health optimization and beauty, call the office or request a consultation today. In-office 1111 6th Ave M07, San Diego, CA by appointment only.